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Root Canal

From pain to bleeding to loose teeth, if you're feeling dental discomfort, you need to seek treatment from our dentist, Dr. Bracha Lubart.

Why the urgency? You may have an infected root canal — a problem that can quickly worsen and lead to tooth loss.

There's no time to wait. Visit one of Green Pond Dental Associates' two locations in Rockaway and Jackson, NJ, for root canal therapy.

Find Root Canal Treatment ASAP

If you're experiencing the signs of an infected root canal, like pain or an abscess, you want a dentist who's ready to assist you. Our practice sets aside time for same-day appointments and even features weekend hours for quicker scheduling. Phone our 24/7 call center to seek care soon.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Sometimes, the pulp inside the tooth can become infected through cracks, cavities, or tooth trauma. This infection can compromise the structure of your tooth, as well as cause symptoms like pus, darkening enamel, or sudden dental mobility. With root canal treatment, we address the problem at the source by cleaning your root canals and protecting your tooth.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment Now?

Your Options Will Be Better

Though our Rockaway, NJ, team will always prioritize giving you the least invasive care possible, the options will ultimately depend on when you decide to seek root canal treatment. Timely treatment can save your tooth and avoid the need for expensive implants.

Your Symptoms Will Alleviate

Your comfort is worth something, too. Instead of living with pain or stressful symptoms, like excessive bleeding or an abscess, you can find relief with endodontist-established care.

Your Infection Can Be Controlled

The bacteria present in any infection is prone to spreading. In the case of an infection in your pulp, it can reach your blood vessels or your jaw — which can lead to serious consequences. We want to prevent that at all costs.

Your Tooth Can Be Saved

If the infection progresses, your tooth may need to be extracted. By acting quickly, you can save your smile with simpler dental procedures. Along with your root canal, a crown or filling can be used to reinforce the tooth.

Why Trust Us for a Root Canal? Let a Real Rockaway, NJ, Patient Convince You

"Dr Lubart and her staff gave me the best dental experience. At the jump the receptionist handled a weird insurance issue for me quickly and easily. Dr Lubart was wonderfully communicative, informative, calm, and patient. I was aware of all possible outcomes during my procedure and she took photos to show me with mini updates. She made sure I was comfortable along the way and I left way happier than the last time I left my previous dentist (even after just starting a root canal!)." Greg Z.

Root Canal Therapy Cost FAQ

How much does root canal therapy cost?

Generally, you can expect your root canal procedure at Green Pond Dental Associates to range in price from $1,000 to $2,000. The final cost of your dentistry treatment is especially dependent on your insurance coverage and which type of restoration you need after the root canal.

Can insurance cover treatment?

Yes, it can. The amount of coverage will depend on your provider. Due to the necessity of root canal treatment, insurance companies can help with the costs, though they won't assist with any implant-related costs.

How do restorations affect cost?

A crown or filling is much more affordable than a dental implant and an implant-supported crown. Seeing a dentist or endodontist as soon as possible can save you money in the long run.

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We Accept Financing


Though we do take cash, insurance, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and select credit cards, we also accept two other options: CareCredit® financing and in-office payment plans. After all, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your health due to your budget. We're happy to explain these options in detail, so don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly Rockaway, NJ, team.

A Quick Look at Root Canal Therapy

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

Dr. Lubart treats each root canal case differently so she can find the most targeted treatment for you. A general root canal treatment will involve several steps:
If you're experiencing pus, changes in tooth color, or a pimple on the gums, you may need a root canal.
If you're experiencing pus, changes in tooth color, or a pimple on the gums, you may need a root canal.

Dental Consultation

During your root canal consultation at her Rockaway or Jackson, NJ, office, Dr. Lubart will listen to your concerns and assess your teeth with a CT scanner. Your X-rays will show your teeth, gums, and jaw, allowing Dr. Lubart to plan your treatment. In some cases, patients may have a cavity, which our dentist can also treat.

Pulp Treatment

With the help of her efficient rotary tools and her WaveOne endodontic file, our dentist will carefully clean the infection and bacteria within the pulp of your root canal. Once the infected pulp and bacteria have been removed and the area has been disinfected and reshaped, Dr. Lubart will place a rubber-like material inside your tooth roots.

Tooth Protection

Your dentist will seal up your tooth with her WaveOne file. Though it depends on how much the infection has impacted the integrity of your tooth, it's likely that she'll also use a crown to fortify the area. In that case, our dentist may lightly shave your tooth to prepare it for crown placement.

Temporary Crown

In some cases, you may be able to leave our Rockaway-area offices with a temporary crown. That way, your tooth is fully protected as your final restoration is being created.

Crown Placement

You'll return to our welcoming office for one final dental procedure when your crown is ready. Dr. Lubart will attach the crown to your treated tooth. After that, all you need to do is enjoy your new, healthy smile.

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Nice staff. Clean and on time with good communication. Make you comfortable with treatments and options. All around very solid choice for a dentist.

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Highly recommend Dr. Lubart for all family and friends. Great experience looking forward to my next appointment

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